What makes Bengal cats so special?

The Bengal is one of the most popular cat breeds there is. And thanks to social media, its popularity just keeps on growing. Some Bengals have even reached star status with their millions of followers.

But what makes Bengal cats so special exactly? Is it only their exotic looks, or is there more to Bengals than meets the eye? Let’s find out.

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What makes Bengal cats so special?

Bengals are special due to both their looks and their personality.

Thanks to their leopard cat ancestry, they have spotted or marbled markings that give them a wild appearance. Some even have hairs that shimmer in the sunlight.

Also contributing to the Bengal’s exotic looks is its long, athletic frame. While Bengals aren’t as big as servals or Maine Coons, they are quite muscular and have powerful hind legs.

Another thing that sets this breed apart is its social personality. Don’t let its wild appearance fool you: the Bengal much prefers being around people than being alone all day long. In fact, this breed craves companionship, which is why some breeders recommend adopting Bengals in pairs. It can even get along with dogs, as long as proper introductions are made.

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In addition, Bengals are remarkably clever. For instance, they can learn basic commands as well as tricks that are usually associated with dogs. These curious creatures like exploring new areas and playing around.

Interactive toys and puzzle feeders are a must for Bengals, who quickly get bored if they have nothing to do. A bored Bengal is more likely to engage in destructive behavior, so this need is not to be neglected.

Speaking of emotional states, Bengals like to let everyone know how they’re feeling using a wide range of sounds. Indeed, they’re more vocal than most cats.

Whether your Bengal is excited or upset, it won’t hesitate to let you know about it. And it might do an encore or two…

One last point: Bengals tend to love water. Some will try to follow their owners in the shower, and some even open the kitchen faucet themselves to play with running water!

Bengal cat playing with water

Final thoughts

While Bengals have a distinctive appearance, that’s not the only thing that makes them special. They’re also gregarious, vocal, and quite clever.

If you’re interested in adopting a Bengal, make sure to read our articles for would-be owners. They contain a lot of important information about this breed and its particular needs.

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