Do Bengal cats attach to one person? How to reinforce your bond

Behind their wild facade, Bengal cats are actually loyal pets that enjoy being around people. But truth be told, they might be more fond of some people than others. In this article, we dive into the bond between Bengal cats and their owners.

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Do Bengal cats attach to one person?

Some Bengals are more attached to a single person, while others are equally attached to all their family members. Bengals that are more attached to one person may bond with more people over time.

For instance, a timid and insecure Bengal may become overly attached to the person that spends the most time with it, feeds it, plays with it, and takes it out for walks. That said, it may gradually gain confidence and start trusting other people.

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On the other hand, a more confident and outgoing Bengal may be equally attached to all its family members and may bond easily with newcomers.

How to reinforce your bond with your Bengal

If you feel like your Bengal is more attached to someone else than you, do not despair: there are different things you can do to reinforce your bond.

Spend more time with it

If you want your Bengal to become attached to you, it’s essential to spend time with it. Even if you’re busy reading, watching a TV show or working on the computer, your Bengal will enjoy your presence.

Play with it more often

Bengals absolutely love to play. Try to find a few minutes every day to entertain your cat and help it burn off energy.

For example, you could:

  • throw it a ball or a small toy
  • have it chase a cat teaser
  • throw it kibbles

For more ideas, see this article: Do Bengal cats get bored? How to entertain your Bengal.

Teach your Bengal tricks

Bengals are surprisingly intelligent cats that can learn all sorts of tricks. For example, you could teach your Bengal to do high-fives, to play fetch, or to sit on command.

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training a Bengal cat

Training a Bengal requires a lot of patience, but it can be very rewarding. It’s also a great way to keep your cat mentally stimulated.

As Basepaws explains, the key to effective training is to reward good behavior by scratching your cat or giving it a treat. Avoid punishing bad behavior, as this will only make your cat stressed and anxious.

If you’re interested in training your Bengal, check out this article by Basepaws: How To Train A Cat | Cat Training Guide, Tips & Tricks.

Take your Bengal out for walks

Walking a Bengal is one of the best ways to bond with it. And that’s not the only benefit: walks will also help your Bengal burn off energy, keep it fit, and stimulate its senses. Here’s a video of a Bengal having fun outdoors.

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Keep in mind that there are certain risks to walking your cat outside. It’s crucial to use an escape-free harness and to avoid high-traffic areas. You should also make sure your cat has received all necessary vaccines (for more information, see this article: What vaccines do Bengal cats need?). You never know when you might encounter a rabid animal!

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Take care of your Bengal’s needs

Another way to get closer to your Bengal is to share the responsibilities associated with its basic needs. For example, you could:

This way, your cat will see you as another one of its caregivers.

Trying to brush a Bengal’s teeth…

Final thoughts

Bengal cats can attach to more than one person over time depending on their personality and various circumstances. To reinforce your bond with your Bengal, you can spend more time with it, play with it regularly, teach it tricks, take it out for walks, and take care of its basic needs. The more you entertain your Bengal, show it affection and satisfy its needs, the more likely it is to become attached to you.


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