Worried that your Bengal will reproduce, or hoping that it will do so? Here’s what you need to know about Bengal cat reproduction.

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Can Bengal cats reproduce?

Female Bengal cats can reproduce, but early-generation male Bengals are often infertile. Therefore, to create second-generation, third-generation and fourth-generation Bengals, breeders cross female Bengals with male domestic cats. 

Many fourth-generation males are fertile and can be crossed with females to create fifth-generation Bengals. Bengals that are at least four generations removed from their leopard cat ancestor are referred to as “SBT Bengals”.

Bengal kittens

If you buy a Bengal sold as a pet by a cattery, chances are that it will be four or five generations removed from the leopard cat. 

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Some catteries spay or neuter sold Bengals themselves, while others require buyers to get their new pet sterilized within a set number of days after they take it home. This helps prevent people from crossing their Bengal pet with any cat and selling the kittens as if they were true Bengals. Our USA Price Guide and Canada Price Guide indicate how each cattery operates in this regard.

Final thoughts

If you buy a Bengal from a reputable breeder, chances are that it will already be sterilized. If not, you’ll likely be required to have it sterilized and send proof of sterilization to the cattery.

If you wish to breed Bengals, you’ll have to pay more for unsterilized animals. It’s worth noting that many catteries only sell unsterilized pets to reputable breeders who are registered with associations such as The International Cat Association or the Cat Fanciers’ Association.