Bengal cats are mostly known for their fabulous coat, but that’s not the only thing that makes them special. As you’ll learn in this article, this breed is also quite intelligent.

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Are Bengal cats smart?

The Bengal cat is one of the most intelligent domestic cat breeds there is. Indeed, Bengals are quick learners that can be taught all sorts of tricks. They’re also highly inquisitive and expressive. 

Here are two YouTube videos that show just how smart Bengal cats are:

As you can see in the second video, you can teach a Bengal all sorts of tricks (sit, stay, spin, etc.) using a clicker and a few delicious treats. Why choose between a cat and a dog when you can have the best of both?

training a Bengal cat
Training your Bengal is a great way to bond with it.

The flip side

While having an intelligent pet is fun, it can also be a challenge. If you’re unable to satisfy your Bengal’s need for mental stimulation, you might end up with a miserable pet that engages in problematic behaviors. For instance, a bored Bengal might pluck out its hair (overgrooming), scratch furniture and drapes, and destroy toilet paper rolls. 

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One way to stimulate your Bengal’s brains is to provide it with interactive toys (such as a ball circuit) and a puzzle feeder (like this one). To keep things fresh, you can do a toy rotation: put away some toys for a little while and bring them out later so they feel new again.

Bengal cat food
Our own Bengal loves eating from her puzzle feeder.

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You can also move toys around the house and even sprinkle them with catnip to increase their appeal. The effects of catnip vary from cat to cat, but it’s worth trying.

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Final thoughts

This breed’s intelligence is one of its greatest traits and constantly amazes owners. There’s a lot of fun to be had with such a smart animal, especially if you decide to teach it tricks. This will not only stimulate your pet, but also reinforce the bond you share.

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