Are Bengal cats protective of their owners?

Bengal cats have a lot in common with dogs. For instance, they’re quite smart. They can even be taught tricks and leash trained.

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But more importantly, Bengals are loyal and gregarious. Indeed, they’re attached to their owners, whom they follow around the house, and enjoy being around people and other animals.

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In fact, Bengals quickly get bored when they’re alone. They can even become depressed if their owners are constantly away from home.

But does this loyalty mean that Bengals will protect their owners against intruder? Let’s find out.

Are Bengal cats protective of their owners?

While Bengals are attached to their owners, they won’t protect them against attackers or intruders. They’re much more likely to flee and hide.

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Although Bengals share a lot of traits with dogs, they remain cats. They don’t act in a protective manner and therefore can’t replace guard dogs.

And even if they were protective of people, they wouldn’t be able to do much to fend off attackers due to their small size. Indeed, Bengals aren’t much larger than your average cat and don’t weigh nearly enough to take down an adult human.

That being said, if a Bengal cat is threatened and cornered, it can inflict serious damage with its claws and teeth.

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Final thoughts

If you’re expecting your Bengal to act as a “guard cat”, you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re simply looking for a cat that will bond with you and follow you on your adventures, then a Bengal might be a good fit.

Before you buy a Bengal cat, make sure to read about this breed’s pros and cons.

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