Are Bengal cats noisy? An honest answer

Many would-be Bengal owners want to know if this breed is noisy. This is understandable, as noisy cats can be problematic for some people, especially those who live in an apartment or have trouble sleeping.

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On the other hand, there are people out there who are actually looking for a vocal cat. When you live alone, for instance, it’s fun to have a pet that brings life to your home.

So what can you expect from a Bengal cat in terms of noise? Let’s find out.

Do Bengals meow a lot?

Bengal cats are very talkative and produce a surprisingly wide range of sounds. They meow, purr, chirp, hiss, growl, and yowl to express all sorts of things, from excitement to displeasure. As explains, these various sounds are indicative of the cat’s emotional state of mind. 

For example, a Bengal can become vocal because

  • it feels cold or uncomfortable
  • it’s annoyed at another cat that is eating from the same bowl
  • it’s happy that its owners are back home or are waking up
  • it wants access to a room
  • it wants to go outside for a walk (see our tips for walking a cat outside)
  • it’s happy to be fed treats
  • it feels lonely
  • it’s worried
  • it’s unhappy that another cat has entered its territory
  • it spotted a bird or a squirrel

It’s crucial to pay attention to a cat’s sounds as they may convey important information. For instance, a Bengal might meow because it is ill or injured.

Here are two videos that show just how noisy Bengal cats can be:

To understand what different cat sounds mean, see this article.

Final thoughts

Some people find chatty cats to be charming, while others find them to be problematic. If you belong to the latter category, a Bengal might not be the right pet for you.

Still interested in adopting a Bengal cat? Make sure to read about the breed’s pros and cons.


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